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SealCoat is an effective treatment for the protection and preservation of asphalt pavements on all types of pavements from airport taxiways to local government streets.

If not protected, pavements become too expensive to repair and have to be replaced to keep them functional. SealCoat, forms a barrier and shields the pavement from attack by the damaging elements that nature throws at it.

SealCoat imparts beauty and value while protecting your asset.

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SRS SealCoat

SRS SealCoat weatherseals a pavement, improves aesthetics, and restores and maintains the performance characteristics of pavements. In suitable conditions the full application process including line marking can be carried out in one day. The rate of deterioration of untreated bituminous pavements accelerates with time as a result of UV solar damage, weathering, and moisture penetration. The high rehabilitation costs involved in re-surfacing has become a major issue for Australian Shires and Councils as well as Airport and Car Park operators. SealCoat is a specialised surface treatment sealant that provides a cost effective and time saving solution that will extend pavement surface life for up to 10 years for a single treatment and double the life with regular programmed treatments. SRS SealCoat is a high performance pavement sealant that uses technology derived from a decade of the polymer science research that produced NASA’s space Shuttle exterior protective coatings. With a fleet of specialised sprayers and tankers, SealCoat services metropolitan and country locations, sealing a range of projects from car parks and footpaths, to local road networks and airfields.

SRS SealCoat is typically used on urban streets with low to medium traffic volumes, car parks, footpaths or airfields where the existing surface may require:

  • Protection or repair of the surface from ageing and oxidisation
  • Protection against weathering
  • Protection against tyre scuffing and power steering abuse
  • Protection from surface-ravelling problems
  • Repair of very “open” asphalt surfaces or fine cracking
  • Protection of aeroplanes from foreign object damage such as dislodged stone on runways, particularly in blast areas

SRS SealCoat can also provide a cost effective alternative to asphalts when combined with spray seals for urban road networks.

Simple 4 Stage Application Process. In suitable conditions the maintenance and application process including line marking can be carried out in one day. After an engineering assessment of the pavement surface and its condition the following application process occurs:

  1. Pavement maintenance in preparation for the SRS SealCoat , including pothole patching, crack sealing, pavement rutting and depression correction, and pre-surface treatments such as new spray seals.
  2. Pavement surface is fully cleaned.
  3. Application of SRS SealCoat (one or two applications depending on texture requirements).
  4. Line marking is applied.
Programmed applications of SRS SealCoat will extend your pavement life and dramatically cut your pavement maintenance budget. As pavements age, the cost to restore structural / functional condition accelerates. Preservation treatments, like SRS SealCoat are far more cost effective than rehabilitation or the reconstruction of pavements. SRS SealCoat as part of a programmed maintenance cycle will reduce the total pavement life cycle cost by up to half.
SRS SealCoat’s unique features solved a number of key issues for Ballarat Airport. The SRS SealCoat process minimised the dislodgement of stone from the existing surface, cured quickly, stuck very aggressively and was able to receive plane traffic on the same day it was sprayed. Additionally there was no debonding or delamination. SealCoat has restored fines to eroded taxiways and runways and importantly extended the pavement life. Overall it has provided us with a high quality and cost effective solution for our airport. Mick Young – Bituminous Sealing Consultant City of Ballarat
SRS SealCoat provided an ideal solution for the Barham Caravan Park. It was very easy and fast to apply, and cured within a couple of hours, minimising the disruption for our campers. The smooth, black surface looks fantastic. Weather-sealing the surface with SRS SealCoat will deliver substantially reduced maintenance costs for the Council. I would certainly recommend SealCoat for a cost effective and aesthetically appealing pavement treatment. Simon Pradhan – Projects Engineer Wakool Shire Council
The SRS SealCoat treatment was applied to a number of aged spray sealed residential streets in the Warrnambool Shire recently. SRS SealCoat overcame the issues of loose stone and coarse texture finish often associated with other spray seal products. It has extended the pavement life and additionally could be linemarked and opened to traffic within hours of spraying. The smooth, black finish really lifts the appearance of the streets. Great product! Peter Kelly – Service Manager for Roads and Drainage Warrnambool City Council

…a quick, simple and cost-effective way to restore, weatherproof and significantly extend the life of a pavement.

…over 20 Australian Shires, RAAF and RAAN airport taxiways use SRS SealCoat.
SRS SealCoat is a high performance, environmentally friendly, and cost effective pavement sealant that can double pavement surfacing life.

FRM SealCoat

FRM SealCoat is a plural component, single package, reactive, high molecular weight polymer modified bitumen sealcoat. FRM SealCoat is designed to penetrate deep into pavement substrates where it permanently weather seals airport, street and highway apron surfaces. It may be applied as a mineral filled sealer through spray, broom, or squeegee and may be applied as an un-filled coating through high volume equipment.

Within as little as a few minutes after installation a tough but ductile, black satin surface permanently protects the underlying asphalt surface from tire wear, sun degradation and moisture. The high molecular weight and high softening point of this material prevent tracking or displacements by rolling traffic in the heat of the day.

FRM SealCoat is filled with an engineered hydrocarbon additive, which is provided as an emulsified, high molecular weight thermoplastic. It exhibits a high softening point, good low temperature ductility and excellent hydrolytic stability; as well as superior adhesion to moist mineral surfaces.


  • Jet fuel (Jet A thru JP-8) and Motor Vehicle Oil/lube resistant.
  • Unique reactive chemicals attack natural metal oxides present in the exposed aggregate surface.
  • Chemical resistance, rate of cure, final surface hardness and skid characteristics can be modified to meet local specifications.
  • May cure in less than twenty (20) minutes, in optimal conditions, to a track free surface.
  • Near zero VOC; and odourless.
  • High temperature, tire scuff resistant to power steering abuse
  • Easy clean up with water.
  • Cured container residue safe for municipal landfill